Every time you buy a beautiful Betty product you continue the story of two English girls who met in Bangalore. Overwhelmed by the poverty around them they hatched a dream, to build a future for people who have been forgotten.

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Honour thy mother


She’s wiped your nose and your tears, seen your highs and your lows and been right just once too often. Go all out and love mama with these super-stylish gifts from Betty & Betts this Mothers Day –

Choose our upright tote, add a matching wallet  and finish it off with a classic id card holder, all in vibrant emerald or cognac tan. 

Made from the highest quality buttery leather, finely top-stitched and finished with beautifully printed cotton linings, we are proud that all of our goods are made by certified fair trade suppliers in India.

Now whose mother couldn’t see the good in that?

Sneak peek – The Betties SS14 photo shoot

Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of a real-life fashion shoot? Surrounded by fly-away balloons and beautifully bright leather bags in the grounds of an English country house,  Betty & Betts reveal exclusive behind-the-scenes shots to show how it’s done. We also caught up with founder Tanya Clarke to ask her how the SS14 campaign  came together.

Where was the shoot?

At a beautiful country house in Tring, Berkhamstead. It is owned by a lovely couple who are the trustees for an amazing charity called Glo in Burundi.


Who took part?

Neil Raja of New Road Collective was our ace photographer and beautiful model Eva Marie-Kung showed off our bags. Gemma Grace was our make-up artist and did a great job. Altogether, a brilliant team!



What inspired the shoot? 

The anticipation of coming into summer with picnics and outdoor party days ahead! And my love for the countryside – I’m a country bumpkin at heart!


What was the highlight?

Being in a beautiful house with a gorgeous great dane called Bella and exploring the huge property for our shoot whilst trying not to get lost in the maze in the garden. Although we woke up on a very cold misty day, Eva did well keeping warm with a hot water bottle stuffed up her clothes!


Ah, the secrets of the trade!

You can see The Betties final SS14 lookbook here. 


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Iphone Holder

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Vulgar and perverse…..and misunderstood.

When he first launched his collection in 1904 his critics accused him of being perverse, vulgar and grotesque! However he produced the most radical and inspiring of paintings of his time. You can find yourself stood in front of them and smiling, being overwhelmed by a calm and a light happiness that makes you feel like you are in front of the most exhilarating and passionate paintings of your life.

This great man was Henri Matisse. Exhibiting at the Albertina in Vienna this collection is an amazing treat. Matisse encompasses all the desires when he said:

‘What I dream of is an art of balance, purity and serenity, devoid of troubling or disturbing subject matter, an art that could be a sooting, calming influence on the mind, something like a good arm chair that provides relaxation from physical fatigue.’ 1908

Nothing vulgar about that! This is a collection you can really chill out to….and he likes animals!





Henri Matisse and his Cat


From SVP to Photography – in the slums and palaces of India continued……

Continuing the conversation with the lovely Julie, as we delve deeper into her love for furries and photography…

7. What was your most exciting location to shoot and why ?

Some of my favourite shoots have not necessarily been in exciting locations. I recently shot a piece at an animal welfare society in Penang, Malaysia, where 250 stray and rescued dogs live in a fixer upper house on the outskirts of the city, cared for by a retired German expat, Barbara Janssen, and a couple of helpers. The dogs live alone or in packs in one the many rooms, each looking for a small space to call their own: the front of house, half open to the elements, and with access to the outdoors; the main enclosed living area, complete with giant flat screen TV, antique furniture, and sofas destroyed by chewing and digging; the back open kitchen, with washing machine, pots and pans, dining tables, and food prep area, usually all sat upon by dozens of dogs. Not one space is left unclaimed by canines. This shoot was challenging emotionally, physically and mentally but at the same time, exciting, and the results were so much more than I could ever have expected from when I first arrived there.

8. Who or what would be your dream shoot be?

Living in India, every day is like a dream shoot. Just stepping out onto the streets provides a myriad of opportunities to capture life in all its gritty detail. I’m soon heading to the Golden Temple in Amritsar which I know will be stunning to shoot, but I’m also looking forward to general street shooting there. That said, if a very fancy chain of hotels was to ask me to shoot their global locations over the next year or so, I’d be very happy to accept!

9. What’s the most favourite photo you have taken and why?

I’ve taken literally thousands of photos and my favorites change constantly. I’m currently in love with one of the majestic hounds I shot at the shelter in Penang: he was posed perfectly and the light streaming in just made him look so regal. He really was the king of the house and in my view the photo portrays that perfectly.

julie dog

10. How do you want people to respond to your work?

I want my photographs to provoke a response of some kind from people. Whether they love it or hate it, that’s fine, as long as it’s given them something to think about and generated a reaction.

11. You have done a few shoots with Betty & betts on location. What is it about Betty and betts that made you decide to work with them?

I love the philosophy of the Betties and their commitment to ethically produced products. Plus it’s always going to be a fun shoot, whether we’re in a Bangalore slum or a palace in Rajasthan. The colorful products and patterns make them a joy to shoot wherever you are.

12. What is your most favourite betty product and why?

I have many Betty notebooks that always travel with me when I’m shooting. Next to my camera, a notebook is the most important thing for jotting down ideas, inspirations, and, as I’m getting older, things I need to remember!

13. You met Sausage in India, fulfilled some puppy sitting duties for her where she got very spoiled with gourmet food. Do you have any dogs?

We have three wonderful dachshunds: A female Mitzie, who’s turning six this December, Monty, an easy going five year old wire haired male, and Minnie, our latest addition who’s around 18 months old and trying to take the spot of alpha female! They are a joy to have and provide hours of happiness to us. We may need to get a bigger bed though as all three like to snuggle up at night like the part of the family that they are.

Find more of Julie’s amazing photographs at: http://www.juliemcguire.com

In the thick of it – SS13 photo shoot in Bangalore Flower Market!


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