Wearing your Betty and where you wear it!

Our gorgeous customers are sporting their Betty products with all sorts of looks and taking them to all sorts of places!

Get the look: http://www.bettyandbetts.com

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The Adventures of Sausage – Part 2

Back again for our final part of our interview with Rachel to find out more about her love for animals and what life was like taking Sausage from a chicken coup to the nordic lands of Finland!

Betty: What do you think about Sausage being the mascot for Betty & Betts?

Rachel: What a nice move! Since you are producing your merchandise in India, she is a perfect link between the two worlds.

Betty: You took Sausage to Finland. Where did she stay? What was her life like?

Rachel: In May 2010 finally we all arrived in Finland after our 14 hour flight. Sausage and Chickita were exhausted from the flight but now a new life begun for our 4-legged friends. No more dirty roads, freedom to roam around with no more leashes and restrictions. We all ended up living in a little red house in the countryside in a stable. We were also, after 3 years reunited with our horse.

Betty: What did she get up to?

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The Adventures of Sausage – Part 1


‘Sausage’, is our gorgeous Betty mascot, who now lives in the UK after the Betties found her in a chicken coup in South India. Her journey back to the UK is quite an adventurous one but would not have possible without help of Rachel Schreibmann, a fervent animal lover and international animal activist!

Back in 2010 the Betties left for the UK and were very worried about putting Sausage (only a puppy at the time) into quarantine for 6 months. As word of Sausage’s story got out, Rachel approached the Betties and offered to take her back home to Finland to live out her quarantine. There she could live freely on a horse farm along with lots of other animals before she made her final leg to the UK without quarantine. The Betties said ‘Yes’ and Sausage was relieved! Her journey was just beginning.

So we caught up with our remarkable friend Rachel to ask her about why she is so passionate about street dogs in India and about the journey of bringing Sausage to Finland.

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Obsessed with colour and seaweed!

If you do anything this summer then visit Matisse Cut Outs at the Tate Modern. Its flippin amazing!!

You know what its like, there are some exhibitions you go to that make me think ‘mmm ahhh interesting’, others that make you sad, angry with some that make me stare and stare with my face screwed up wondering what I am looking at?!

Not this one! Walking round the Matisse cut out exhibition was Christmas

What emerges from the show is how vital Matisse was in his late years. He was “completely electric and alive and young,” said Sophie. “He knew he only had another five minutes and he was going to make the best of it. You look at the works and he is not old at all.”

photo 1-4

Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs exhibition, Tate Modern, London, Britain - 14 Apr 2014

photo 3-2

photo 2-4



The Dream

Last night I had the weirdest dreams filled with fluffy dogs,

weird conversations and odd locations.

We’ve all had them!

So I was happy to get out of bed this morning, have a cuppa tea and

remind myself of the dream the Betties are well and truly bonkers about.

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Make Up, Camera, Action!

There are so many components to making a great shoot for Betty & Betts. One of them is finding a hair and make up artist that can do exactly what you are looking for. Someone who turns your ideas and mood boards into reality.


Well we found the girl and she’s ace! Jemma from Jemma Grace is wonder woman in hair, make up and nails. She has worked on our last two shoots in freezing conditions with very early mornings and at times in tight spaces!

The Betties wanted to get behind the brains or her talent so we caught up with Jemma to see where this delivery of gorgeousness comes from.DSC_6278

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