About the Betties

Betty & Betts are bonkers about people and the environment

Whilst living in India we looked hard to find high quality products that were produced by high quality people. That however was not enough. Everyone deserves a fair and decent life, which is why we work only with suppliers who conform to fair-trade and ethical standards.

Our Suppliers

As a result, all accessory suppliers are registered with the World Fairtrade Organisation (WFTO). This international body ensures that the standards noted below are observed. Full details can be found on the WFTO website: WFTO

In short, the WFTO standards seek to:

  • Provide opportunities of work for the poorest of the poor
  • Ensure all parties respect each other and are fair in their business dealings
  • Allow suppliers to develop their independence and create the ability to grow
  • Sustain quality and honest advertising about how they practice fair-trade
  • Make sure that no one gets cheated and everyone gets a good piece of the pie — a fair price is paid promptly that produces a profit for further investment.
  • Women are given the same rights and rewards for their work as men.
  • Workers are provided a clean, safe and positive working environment.
  • Under-age children are never employed but given a good education
  • Consumers buy Fairtrade bananas and recycle rubbish — suppliers ensure that waste is removed without spoiling our beautiful planet.
  • Buyers and suppliers recognize that they are in it for the long term; that investment is not a one hit wonder, but a long term partnership.

As well as dosing up on lovely Indian curries the Betties regularly visit their suppliers to see how all this is being put into action.

Our Leather

Over the years there have been big problems with waste management in the leather industry in India. However, huge improvements have been made which has ensured that leather processing is in NO WAY harming the environment or its workers.

Our leather suppliers are hot on waste management, ensuring that all dyes are placed in specialised equipment that facilitates recycling. Chromes can be especially dangerous, however our suppliers use only chromes that meet EU standards and any waste is reprocessed and reused.

Our Cotton

Betty and Betts have selected the finest quality cotton. We only use internationally-  registered organic fabric for our Betty products. In short, using organic cotton means that our eco system is kept clean and healthy along with the workers and families of those that work on the organic cotton farms. To see all the other many benefits see below:

Organic Cotton


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